Guide to Cormac McCarthy 

Cormac McCarthy is my favorite author and as such I'm reading through all of his work. It's an evolving process that I'm taking care with. You can visit my recommended reading order with notes on Goodreads anytime, and the notes will transfer to JSDC as well once I'm further along.

This is of course on the side of everything else. We're editing my forthcoming novel now, for instance, and are in the home stretch on the editorial leg of publishing production. I'll be pleased when I can start referring to the work by its title, which will happen soon. All of that in addition to reorganizing the approach to ARTEMIS ETERNAL. Whew!

Suggested reading order as of today (I've read through the bolded portion):

- The Road (Pulitzer Prize)
- No Country for Old Men (watch the movie afterward)
- The Sunset Limited: A Novel in Dramatic Form
- Outer Dark (suggested secondary reading prior to this title: Of Mice and Men)
- The Counselor: A Screenplay (excerpt available via The New Yorker)
- Wake for Susan / A Drowning Incident (Two short stories via the University of Tennesse's archives)
- All the Pretty Horses (The Border Trilogy #1)

- The Crossing (The Border Trilogy #2)
- Cities of the Plain (The Border Trilogy #3)
- The Stonemason: A Play in Five Acts
- The Gardener's Son: A Screenplay
- Child of God
- Suttree
- The Orchard Keeper
- Blood Meridian, or the Evening of Redness in the West (widely considered his best novel)

If you're a casual reader who is unlikely to read more than three of his books, at this point I'd suggest you do: The Road, No Country for Old Men and Blood Meridian in that order.

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