Battlestar Galactica: Best Episodes 

The mini-series Pt. 1 (discover the 12 Colonies)
The mini-seires Pt. 2 (fallout from nuclear holocaust)
33 (this will be a show about grey areas and tough decisions)

You Can't Go Home Again (the Adama family episode)

Kobol's Last Gleaming Pt. 2 (holy shit--no one is safe)

Home Pt. 2 (turning point of the series, heavy exploration of series mythology)

Pegasus (presents a foil to the Galactica and a picture of the road not taken)
Resurrection Ship Pt. 1 (military protocol and a major Colonial operation put fleet leaders to the test)
Resurrection Ship Pt. 2 (karmic washout from treason and torture)
this trilogy introduces many of the best and most dramatic musical themes from the series' score

Exodus Pt. 2 (humanity invaded and occupied, rebels attempt an ambitious rescue)

Maelstrom (destiny, death and dying, final Adama-family-centered episode)

The Oath (insurrection in the fleet, mutiny on the Battlestar)
Blood on the Scales (a resistance force attempts a reckoning)

Never forget: In the middle of the Iraq war, the most thoughtful discussion on suicide bombings came by way of a science fiction show.

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