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Front left:

Back center:

A shirt that's legit to our community and production vision, and that subtly prompts questions and provokes thought. Yes, we really went for it; for you! So snag a tee, download the desktop and add it to your computer and phone in order to convince your co-workers that you belong to a secret darkfilmz movement that has covert headquarters in the LOLlywood underground. You can buy them a shirt, just don't teach them our secret handshake, k?

This is a full Artemis/JSDC interactive-team production. Concepted and produced by me and designed by Greg Martin, with webmaster mojo from Lord Iain Edminster, who assisted in quickly making multiple choices available to you here.

Dark grey, pictured behind the designs above, is the color we designed to (AA color: Asphalt). However, when I asked for color requests, many of you rang in on the side of Heather Black and Dark Aqua, which should also look rad. Thus we are offering three color choices this go! And, two styles! The ink printed will be two-color: white and grey! I've never been so pumped about screen printing!

Please place your order by January 7th!

Use the drop downs below to order and specify domestic or international, men's or women's, the size and the color.

To view size charts and images of the colors we're offering: Men's product info | Women's product info

Note: AA doesn't offer Black Aqua in the women's style, so order the men's, also called "unisex", if you'd like that color. Here's a woman kickin' it in the Mens/unisex style. Mocked up below:

Thank-you to everyone who ordered! The order has now been placed with the printer. I will keep you updated on Twitter with delivery dates.

I will print to order, so there will be no shirts available after this run. YOU MUST ORDER BY JANUARY 7, 2011 in order to receive a shirt! As we are handling shipping internally, these will take a few weeks to process, print and get to your doorstep. I appreciate your patience as we work to bring you ethically produced, high-quality, unique and lulzy thought-provoking apparel.

Unlike our Comic-Con "no-wimps" team shirts, these shirts are open to anyone. You need not be a Wingman at this point in time to order one and there is no limit to how many you may order. Feel free to purchase these for anyone and everyone.

Super official.

Profit from the shirts goes to ARTEMIS ETERNAL. Most likely, I think, to some aspects of the new website relaunch. If we sell enough, then I will push more concept art into production! Please share, blog, forward and retweet this link and design to your network. I'm hoping that we sell a couple hundred shirts so that we can continue to offer unique items. This is very much a fundraiser for us as well as a way to deliver to you something you've asked for.

These shirts will be printed in Los Angeles by a museaum-quality screenprinting company that we worked with previously (they printed our Comic-Con shirts). The shirts are all American Apparel, which means they are made in the USA and labor regulated.

Additionally, here is information about AA's 50/50 fabric.

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