So Fashionable 

Previous shirts are previous.

Dear Wingmen,

1. I love you.


3. Check yes or no and I will plan accordingly.

(Thanks to those who already weighed in via Twitter.)

Also, organic cotton again? Do you have any color and style preferences? (Mens/unisex is available in these styles, too. Obviously.)

Once we tinker with a new idea for new shirts (these will be totally different than the Comic-Con prints), I will likely run those ideas by you, too, so that we create the best possible shirt(s).

Thanks for reading! We can't plan ancillary awesomeness without your feedback.

Update: Great! Thanks for your feedback. We are currently working on a variety of designs. Last time, when you asked to buy the shirts we sported at Comic-Con, I noticed that many of you ordered a few copies, so this go I figured: Why not have different choices? Save your pennies, kids: Wingmen t-shirts are teh slickz! We're mocking them up and will share the ideas soon.

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