A Young Person's Guide to Americana The Apocalypse 

The nearly unbearable, highly intriguing life of an artist. An extreme, volatile state in these ages modern wherein mass effect is decided by media control. A state of loathing sprinkled with moments of immense joy when the gift given and developed is put to wise use, and neither silenced nor abused nor perverted--

But, would you? Would you worship my image, if they told you to? Beg me to sell you Vodka and Wonder Bread? Miracle Whip? Famine the horseman rides and pays my production costs! Eat it up--as the talking box compares me to Andy Warhol! Insert product placement without comment. Broadcast!

The altars of art went untended, then lost, then forgotten. Richer fires now burn, roar louder in worship to billboards and uncanny valley'd magazine covers and Fox-y charlatans: Facades of halls long gone cold, or bulldozed. Asbestos shrines painted in lead. Toxic cities of the Gap-dressed walking dead.

And while all the big kiddies were tucked in to headsets and screens and bleep-bleeping mobile entertainment machines, some Few laid an exclusive weave over the Western world and the mass of airwaves saw something they had not since the rise of Nazi Germany.

"I wouldn't have done it!" cries Bernays "if I only knew, I wouldn't have!"

Ha--Come now, brother. You knew then, just as you now know.

And the fat man sneers astride his sickly horse and canters in the sunshine,

"You have cancers? I'm lovin' it. Starve!"


Citizens stop to admire his golden scales,

Publishers hurry to pen his commercialized confessions,

Journalists proclaim him, An American God!

A cinematographer once by chance captured a photo of him trampling an orphan.

You didn't see it: A famous person had an affair that day.

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again (In Banana Land) This is what Really Cool People Do (In Banana Land!) How can something have so many calories, and yet so little... food? (It's bananas, man!)

That's McLife!

Please don't talk about this

any less.

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