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Letters sent to me by Wingmen are funny, touching and often amaze me. Here are a few from this month:

What's a Wingman to Do?
So your whole recent VA governor consternation thing has made its way to my state: The dem senate candidate for the seat held by Ted Kennedy is an inept fool, and some sweatervest Republican is about to beat her.

The worst of it is, I can't move to Australia anymore because they're all uptight about video game ratings, and I can't move to England because I'll be arrested for taking a photo of Buckingham Palace on a Tuesday. Canada
ain't looking that great either.

Have you seen Avatar yet?

From Wingman The Professor, a.k.a. @Clint47, and no: I haven't seen AVATAR yet. Shocking, right?

The Wingman is Strong With This One

What's the film about? Like i mean i watched that one video on your site that you directed with the people saying how movies and shows are controlled by six different networks. But what are you trying to change?? I mean i'm still young and all but its really cool that someone is just going after their dream and not sitting around and dreaming about it!! Those are the people that you look towards as a role model. And i know that i might not understand it fully, but i want to understand.

oh yeah, and of course i want to know everything your movie is about:)

and one more thing, Whats a wingman??

Love ya!!

From my cousin, who is currently a Freshman in high school. This is the first time she's e-mailed me. (Most of my family has little idea of what I do in the world beyond serving as a moving jungle gym for the wee little cousins at familial get-togethers.) She's since read through so much of the site that I can't help but feel proud of her curiosity.

.Net Initiative
...I dare say you should consider making it out to Colorado one of these days and shake the Coloradan Wingmen out into the limelight :) Take care and Happy 2010 to you and **!

Ah...yes... Now that I have your ear a moment, and now that the idea to tell you has sparked in the wilderness of my mind: I am the guy that owns the .net version of (that is, I've had it forwarding to since October of 2008. I have it registered until October 19, 2010 (a year and three months before your .com expires), at which point I have it set to automatically renew in two year increments. I'm happy to keep the .net directing to whatever website ** finds is its' home on the web. However, should you at any time like for me to transfer ownership to you, I will have no qualms with accommodating for the transfer. I currently have it registered through GoDaddy.

Anyhow, thank you again and Good Night :)

From Wingman Drew, a.k.a. @Zathman. I found this moving. And no that doesn't make me a wimp that makes me a Wingman.

The Story of How $3 NZD Was Priceless
Hi Jessica,
Firstly, Happy New Year! On to my reason for emailing: basically I have $3 (NZD) sitting in my PayPal account about to "expire" from when I verified my debit card. So instead of withdrawing it (and losing $1 in fees) I am giving it to you (losing $0.03, much more efficient!).

I know it isn't much, and probably isn't worth worrying about, but if it buys one more sandwich I will happy. I would much rather my measly $3 is put to good use than get absorbed by PayPal.

Anyway, I feel I am starting to ramble. I will let you get back to work...

From Wingman Hayden Patel.* ...So James Cameron now has the #1 and #2 worldwide grossing films of all time - that's the big news in the film industry right now - but I honestly wouldn't trade him for the experience we're having together via ARTEMIS. And yes that still doesn't make me a Wimp: It makes me LOCO. Like, 'Insane in the Membrane' style. Check the track. Anyway Wingmen have emotions that's not what "No Wimps(!)" means, kthx!

PS: This just in, Wingman braves frozen tundra, discovers Wingman t-shirts act as +5 cloak of cold resistance

PPS: And Wingman Dave framed his slick THE SILVER LEGACY print, then took a photo. And now I'm linking to that photo.

PPPS: Wingman Taryn, a.k.a. @tarynoneill e-mailed me a video of genre novelist Bruce Sterling speaking about the future, but not the future you're thinking of when someone says "future": A different one. Taryn highlighted Bruce's idea of building a new infrastructure vs. not just positioning yourself in the existing narrative. Well said by Bruce, and certainly that is the idea behind our approach to ARTEMIS ETERNAL. There are more thoughts here well worth checking in with.

PPPPS: Yes Wingmen have emotions, but it is a well-known fact that they are incapable of crying ever since Episode I stole all of their tears.

Dear Wingman, I hope the letters of your brethren appeal to your imagination and sense of pride in the community as much as they do to mine.

*FYI this was prior to the disaster in Haiti. Just in case you were getting any ideas about Hayden hatin' on Haiti: No way. I mean I'm pretty sure he's got at least one voodoo doll of Michael Bay and would have totally transfered his $3 to Haiti relief if it had been Now and not Then. Donating to Haiti is so hot right now. Give it a go!

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