Father / Son 

Jessica: (dancing a little dance, chanting) I'm going to have a bagel, I'm going to have a bagel--
The Grizz: You stay away from those bagels, boy.
Jessica: Why? There's five--
The Grizz: They're numbered!
Jessica: (resuming dancy-dance, chanting) I'm going to put them in some tupperware, I'm going to put them in some tupperware...
(Does. Turns to put bagel 1 of 5 on a plate--The Grizz pops the lid on--)
Jessica: I was going to put the lid on--
The Grizz: You're slow, boy! Air is instantaneous.
Jessica: What?--I was--
The Grizz: The light in your room is on.
Jessica: I'm going back in there!
The Grizz: Focus, you need to focus.
Jessica: I am focused!
The Grizz: You're a freak!
Exeunt Grizz

...Yes, these are the exchanges that result when I crash at Stover Mancha. PS: Air is instantaneous.

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