Dear Wingman, Happy New Year! If you did not receive an awesomesauce letter from me on New Year's Eve, then please check in with me to make sure that your address is correct on the Wingman-only e-mail list.

The above is thought provoking. I actually purchased this as a card for a Wingman who played host by allowing me his guest room over holiday in London.

Upon discovering the card in a boutique, I lifted it from its hidden spot on the bottom shelf and thought hard for my own answer, even though that answer came swift. But I thought hard so as not to overlook any aspect of my nature.

Certainly the answer was and remains ARTEMIS ETERNAL. Welcome to my no-regrets pursuit. I wish you the same, and cherish the adventures we've been through so far, as illustrated by the evolving, breathing map you see upon striking "Begin" with your cursor.

Furthermore, I'm suddenly reminded of this rhyme I jotted down a while back. You may recall,

On strum! On drum!
Raise lights, sing cheers!
For cowards who slumber,
We’ll rumble their ears!

Bear torch, bring map,
In dark, unrolled,
The advent is glowing
Our futures unfold

In dreams, awake,
Come hosts unseen:
The Wingmen who number
two hundred fifteen!

It's been thrilling, it's been tough: It still is. And onward and upward we go!

*Image of a card by Quotable

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