The Golden Space Record of Infinitus Stellaradicus 

Voyager Record Cover (featuring J.Sto)

You know, just in case any aliens or future humans want to listen to Earth. Or get their Intergalatic Planetary DJ scratchin' on. (wiggity--wiggity--what?fool!)

"Engraved on it are instructions for building a phonograph to play the 'Sounds of Earth' record. A stylus and cartridge are included with the record. Also shown are the proper way to reconstruct the pictures recorded on the record and the location of our Sun in our Galaxy."*

The construction is gold-plated copper.

The committee that curated the record was headed by le hero Carl Sagan.

It should probably include a photo of me looking at it. You know, for scale. So that aliens know how big we are in relation to the record. (That's the featuring J.Sto part.)

...I mean, I'm not going to, like, sing the hook to the "Music of the Spheres" or the wind or anything. Although maybe I'm taking singing lessons right now just in case NASA needs someone.

I made the title totally longer and therefore better by adding "Space" along with "Stellaradicus" and "Infinitus". (Both humans and aliens are sooooo into Dog Latin.)

Above is NASA's explanation of the cover diagram. And, here's the description of The Golden Space Record of Infinitus Stellaradicus itself.

To the makers of music all worlds, all times!

*Italics are per the National Air and Space Museum/NASA

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