Wingman (Firefly) Pose 

There exists a challenging pose in Yoga that I'm going to call "Wingman Pose." The traditional name is "Firefly," which Wingmen fans of the show Firefly (myself included) will likely get a kick out of.

I just began Yoga a few weeks ago, as a beginner, and I'm making it my long-term goal to achieve this advanced pose.


Yes, that is badass.

And I want you to join me.

Yoga makes you a better athlete, relieves your stress and contributes to your emotional and physical well being, which could save you loads in medical bills down the line. I immediately discovered that the beginner Yoga poses were ones that I'd done in dance, martial arts, acting training and gymnastics: Yoga is a foundation to many great arts and makes you better at life. It also puts you more in the moment. (apply to performance at will)

I urge you to find not just a class, but a great class and great instructors in your area, and a form of Yoga suited to you personally. Audit, research and then stick with the work. Make the time. Go even when you do not feel like going: Afterward you will be thankful you did. Right now I go at least twice a week. There are all manner of people at the studio I go to: Young, old, male, female, athletes, dancers, people who have never really worked out before... .

I realize few of you are likely to take up this gauntlet. I'm not that flexible to begin with (for a girl) and I'm busy as all hell. But I'm doing it and it's awesome. How cool would it be to have a group of Wingmen who metaphor the "face the future as finishers" spirit via discipline to achieving this rad, expression in physical form? SO COOL. No wimps. No babysitting. No spandex. (Really you don't have to wear that to Yoga, promise.) I'm going for it no matter, already. Even if it takes years. Let me know if you're in. One step, or stretch, at a time...


(PS: springy!)

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