Inbox: 2 10 2 Questions 

Today seems a good day to again answer 10 questions at random from my Inbox.

Jess, I wish I lived in Hollywood. Who was the last celeb you saw and where did you see them? – Gina
Yesterday morning I saw some famous people at breakfast. Too many people already live in Hollywood. You can’t come.

What’s the genre of your script? Can you tell me more about it? -- Bobby
The script genre is Awesome.

If I were to say anything else, I’d have to Chinese water torture you until you forgot all of my story secrets.

I read your favorites list and I really liked it. We have a lot in common. – Anui Soi
No we don’t. I’m all original. I'm like The Real Slim Shady, but cooler. And you didn’t ask a question.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, well you know the rest. Put that on your site. Yeah. -- Phil
He’d chuck all the wood that a woodchuck could. Then he’d chuck your face. Next question!

It seems to me you get tired of people telling you you’re too young. – Sid
I get annoyed when people address me in general, much less when they tell me I'm "too" anything.

You are coming up #2 in Google now! What did you do?
Let’s just say The Gunn is crossing off the Google sites above my listing like The Bride crosses of people on her hit list. Except his sword is a computer mouse and his master is Bill Gates. And he’s never worn a wedding dress.

Hey when are you going to answer more questions from your email like from before? – Ben
Right now, idiot.

When will I get to see pictures of people looking at Jessica’s pictures? – Kara
When I get enough of them to put up a gallery. Feel free to submit.

That was less than 10 questions. – Andre
I knew you were going to point that out so I went ahead and posted it for you. Check, yo. I am always two moves ahead.

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